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The blog covers The CIMA Student’s journey to becoming a fully qualified CGMA member. As well as aiding my own progress through the CIMA qualification, I hope it will help other students in the same position.

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Feb 2019

The CIMA case studies are the toughest milestones in the whole qualification! So with this in mind I will dedicate a section to each upcoming case study sitting. All of the latest articles, resources and preview videos will be available from the pages below.

*A reminder that you get 60 days in between the pre-seen materials being released the February 2019 exam dates – so it’s the perfect time to schedule your case study!

  • Astranti Pass Guarantee for OCS, MCS and SCS courses.
  • OCS pre-seen materials video previews.
  • MCS pre-seen materials video previews.
  • SCS pre-seen materials video previews.

CIMA Objective Test Resources

The CIMA objective tests make up the bulk of the qualification and the new format that was released in 2015 has given students (myself included) a tough learning curve when attempting to pass them first time.

The exams are much more flexible as you sit them on demand whenever suits you but achieving the pass mark of 70% in the 90 minute/60 question exam is a real challenge.

Here are some of the top rated articles on how to pass the CIMA objective tests:

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