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It’s that time of year when Astranti have a whopping 40% OFF all of their CIMA materials, it’s a great time to add to your resources or push yourself to take the next case study sitting in February 2019.

To claim the 40% discount add the discount code 40BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout – offer is applicable from Friday 23rd November to Monday 27th November.

Astranti Case Study Courses

February 2019 Case Studies

A reminder that the best time to sit a CIMA case study, in terms of time you get to study, is always the February case study exams.

As you get 60 days between the pre-seen materials being released and the exam itself. Normally you get around 45-50 days between the pre-seen and the exam but CIMA have factored in the Christmas period and give a longer period of time for students taking the February exams.

But the reality is, if you’re sitting a Feb case study, you’ll probably only take a few days break over Christmas and you’ll have the opportunity to be really prepared for the exam with two months between the pre-seen and exam.

You can see below that SCS students taking the exam in February 2019 will have a massive 67 days from pre-seen release to beginning of exam session!


I passed the MCS exam in 2018 by taking it in February and found the extra time was really helpful to get to grips with the pre-seen and developing a style to answer planning.

How I passed the CIMA MCS exam in February 2018.

The benefits of taking a case study exam in February.

Astranti February 2019 OCS Course

Astranti February 2019 MCS Course

Astranti February 2019 SCS Course

Astranti Objective Test Materials

The Astranti Black Friday sale is not just limited to case study materials, but all of their objective test materials too!

Use the code 40BLACKFRIDAY to claim the 40% OFF the Astranti Objective Test materials for Operational, Management and Strategic levels of CIMA.

Practice Tests Academy

There is also the exclusive 20% discount for all CIMA Student readers for The Practice Tests Academy resources, which ranges from mock exams, question banks and full objective courses with video lectures.

For an insight into their materials, then read my blog post from earlier this week here. And if The Practice Tests Academy are new to you then watch this nice video below on their story so far…

CIMA Materials – 40% OFF BLACK FRIDAY!

Astranti CIMA

Astranti are having a mega BLACK FRIDAY sale starting today and are offering students 40% OFF all of their materials for the operational, management and strategic level – including all of the OCS, MCS and SCS case study materials.

It caught my eye as I plan to sit the MCS exam in February 2018 and will be using the Astrani MCS materials for my studies.

Remember, for those facing the prospect of a CIMA case study exam, the February sitting is potentially the best to sit a case study a you get around 60 days in between the pre-seen materials being and the exam itself. I wrote a brief article on it here.

Astranti Case Study Courses

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I will be using the Astranti materials for the next MCS sitting and have already started preparing a study plan on what I need to cover and when.

A reminder that the pre-seen materials are released before Christmas for the February exams (OCS pre seen is released on 8th December and MCS, SCS both released on 15th December).

So it’s a great opportunity to get plenty of study in before the exam comes around in mid to late February.

To claim the 40% discount add the discount code BLACKFRIDAY40 at the checkout – offer is applicable from Friday 24th November to Monday 27th November 2018.

Astranti Objective Test Materials

I used the Astranti P2 masterclass to good effect when passing my P2 exam earlier this month, while there are plenty of other resources that will help you with your next CIMA objective test.

Whether you are taking an operational, management or strategic level paper, Astranti are offering a full 40% OFF of all CIMA resources for the next couple of days.

Who says Black Friday is just limited to discounted flat screen TV’s and electronics?

CIMA – new and improved!


The $64 million question for CIMA students who are self studying revolves around which learning provider you will choose for your CIMA studies.

As I use Astranti materials for the bulk of my studies I feature them quite alot on here, but I saw an interesting email pop up in my inbox about – they have improved their online learning courses and how it can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets.

Who are CIMA

CIMA is the ONLY online resource that is designed by CIMA, which will reassure students they will be on the right path to pass.

CIMA and Kaplan have worked in conjunction to bring you and there are various different packages you can choose, whether it’s a CIMA Study Prime Package (includes 120 hours of content, revision kit, tutor support etc) or just the online question and answer bank that comes part of “CIMA apptitude” packages.

Personally, I haven’t purchased any materials from yet but I am tempted as the CIMA exam practice kits from Kaplan have been a great resource for me – so I’d hope the quality would be on par with Kaplan materials, if not higher!

CIMA Study Improvements

– Tablet Friendly layout and improved mobile experience
– Easier navigation around the site
– Improved functionality including faster load times

You can try out a free demo of the new and improved site here.

Why Students use

Here are a couple of testimonials from students who used to pass their CIMA exams – this was taken from their website.

 I first heard about from an advert on I prefer to structure my own learning – so I really didn’t want to go and sit in a lecture hall in my time off! CIMAstudy is great as you can carry an entire syllabus with you wherever you are. I found the audio and video clips throughout the course to be invaluable for my understanding of some of the more complex subjects – and the integrated assessments really pushed home the message. CIMAstudy helped me achieve 83% in P1 and 83% in P7!

Oliver Gearing – Financial Analyst

Working full-time and studying for the CIMA qualification means that effective time management is vital. I first purchased last October when I started revising for my Managerial level exams. I particularly like the direct links to further reading material which is absolutely key to getting a good pass. There are plenty of practise questions and direct links to past exam questions and answers. Having direct links like these saves a lot of time when you are under pressure, and it means I can be flexible and access study materials wherever I am and at any time. For example I will often do some reading during my lunch break at work. I purchased for my current level of studies as soon as it was available as I have no doubt it will be of benefit.

Angela Thomas – Cost Accountant

If you have any experience with please feel free to leave your comments and feedback below. It will be helpful for me and other students as I may look towards purchasing some of their materials in the coming months.

Good Luck and happy studying!

Acorn CIMA Materials – Exclusive 10% Discount!

If like myself you are funding your own CIMA studies then every penny counts.

With this in mind, I have spoken to Acorn Professional Tutors and they are offering readers an exclusive 10% OFF all of their study materials.

One of the Acorn directors Gary White, had this to say about the company.


About Acorn

Acorn are an exceptional ‘CIMA only’ specialist college, we are a CIMA Global Learning Premium Partner and offer classroom, home study and on-line tuition courses at prices far below the larger rivals. Acorn is run by 3 directors, Safina, Tufal and Gary.

Acorn is a small college but we make a large difference to your success in terms of what we provide, our pass rates are very high and with 10 CIMA exam world prize winners trained to date.

Acorn can provide everything you need to succeed in your CIMA qualification. We offer weekend classroom tuition and revision courses at Watford, Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick, as well as home study and online tuition courses that give both an enjoyable and useful study experience.

We publish our own well-focused and specialised CIMA study manuals, exam practice kits and on-line tuition courses (for web, tablets and smart phones). We provide high levels of customer service and tutor support by telephone and e-mail.

How to Claim 10% Discount on Acorn CIMA Materials

To take advantage of the 10% discount that’s exclusive to – please email with the products you wish to order.

You can see Acorn’s full list of CIMA materials and tuition here (as well as image below).

Happy Studying!





Traditional Study Materials v Online Materials


image from Dave and Les Jacobs (Getty Images)

When I started my CIMA studies last year I automatically purchased all of the study materials from Kaplan without giving it much thought. I ordered the E1 and F1 books – so the study text, exam questions kit and revision guide – and was generally pleased with them in terms of content. Especially the exam questions kit, which was excellent when in the final weeks of exam preparation.

I passed both exams first time in the November 2014 sitting and thought to myself I would stick with ordering the Kaplan materials. But when returning to my desk to pack up the books from E1 and F1 I soon realised – what am I going to do with these books now? And imagine the amount of books I would have collected over the next few years while studying CIMA. Not to mention the cost involved (the delivery was astronomical as I live  in Central Europe).

Online Study Materials

So I explored other alternatives on how to study CIMA. And the more I thought about, the more I realised that purchasing physical copies of the study texts wasn’t efficient for me. Instead, while studying for my next exams, I used a smaller learning provider where I could purchase the study texts online (in fact the basic study text itself is free).

I feel it gives much more flexibility and you can access it anywhere you have internet access. So you can squeeze a couple of hours study in when you are in the office (lunch break of course), or when you’re travelling. It means you don’t have to carry around a text book the size of a telephone directory in order to study marginal costing or catch up on consolidated group accounts.

However, I do agree, there is something comforting and traditional and sitting down to study with a large textbook and calculator. You might find that this way if studying is more suitable for you. It’s hard to break this kind of trend as it’s the way we’ve always studied from the age of five years old onwards.

But overall I believe that using online materials saves you space, time and money. And if you are still getting the shakes by not having a physical book to hold you can always print the materials out!

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if my beliefs remain the same when studying the Management and Strategic level of CIMA.