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Pearson VUE Test Centre


Sitting CIMA Examinations

Studying the CIMA qualification outside of the UK can be an expensive affair, especially when it comes to sitting the exams.

Not only do you have to consider the CIMA exam fee but also the additional fees for exam invigilators and renting the space at The British Council or somewhere similar .

Sitting the E1 and F1 exam last year cost me an additional £100 per exam for admin services (including courier) – which is payable before sitting the exams.

2015 CIMA Syllabus Changes

But the changes in the 2015 syllabus now means the objective exams are computer based and sat at Pearson VUE centres. Which, thankfully, are dotted all over the world so no-one should have trouble finding an examination centre.

The new 90 minute objective tests maybe time pressured but the fact they are computer based saves is a god send. Having to write out a script over 180 minutes was a pain in the backside and I much prefer the more modern computer based approach.

It also saves me personally £100 on every exam sitting as NO fees are payable to the Pearson VUE centre for the sitting the exam. Kerching!

Pearson VUE Centre

I sat my first exam at the Pearson VUE centre in November and I must admit I was very impressed the structure and professional approach by the centre I attended.

The security was very good and perhaps even too good as they didn’t allow me to continue chewing gum when I went into the exam.

Even booking the examination was pain free with Pearson VUE and CIMA. I had the choice of several different centres to choose from and managed to find one close to my office.

Initially, I was a bit sceptical about the whole process and assumed they would levy a massive charge for facilitating the exam but I stand corrected. I found the Pearson VUE centres are not only professional and practical – but you save money by not having to the pay a fee directly to them for hosting the exam.