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The Week Ahead – 22nd August 2016



The Management Case Study exam scenario AEN begins this and I saw a great tweet from CIMA_News linking a document “Helping you pass your final exam”. It’s basically a walk-through of a students answer to the SCS exam from February 2016 – variant 2.

The student’s script was a PASS mark and it goes through, step-by-step, what the student done and well and what they could have improved on. It’s a great resource that will be useful for SCS students sitting the exam this week, it might also be of interest to other students to get a feel of what is required to pass the SCS exam.

You can find the document “Helping you pass your final exam” from CIMA here.

The CIMA Student Website

This week I will be beginning my E2 studies so expect to see some articles around this paper. If you have any specific topics you’d like to see on the site please feel free to get in touch.

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