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CIMA Study.com – new and improved!


The $64 million question for CIMA students who are self studying revolves around which learning provider you will choose for your CIMA studies.

As I use Astranti materials for the bulk of my studies I feature them quite alot on here, but I saw an interesting email pop up in my inbox about CIMAStudy.com – they have improved their online learning courses and how it can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets.

Who are CIMA Study.com?

CIMA Study.com is the ONLY online resource that is designed by CIMA, which will reassure students they will be on the right path to pass.

CIMA and Kaplan have worked in conjunction to bring you CIMAStudy.com and there are various different packages you can choose, whether it’s a CIMA Study Prime Package (includes 120 hours of content, revision kit, tutor support etc) or just the online question and answer bank that comes part of “CIMA apptitude” packages.

Personally, I haven’t purchased any materials from CIMAStudy.com yet but I am tempted as the CIMA exam practice kits from Kaplan have been a great resource for me – so I’d hope the quality would be on par with Kaplan materials, if not higher!

CIMA Study Improvements

– Tablet Friendly layout and improved mobile experience
– Easier navigation around the site
– Improved functionality including faster load times

You can try out a free demo of the new and improved site here.

Why Students use CIMAStudy.com

Here are a couple of testimonials from students who used cimastudy.com to pass their CIMA exams – this was taken from their website.

 I first heard about CIMAstudy.com from an advert on CIMAglobal.com. I prefer to structure my own learning – so I really didn’t want to go and sit in a lecture hall in my time off! CIMAstudy is great as you can carry an entire syllabus with you wherever you are. I found the audio and video clips throughout the course to be invaluable for my understanding of some of the more complex subjects – and the integrated assessments really pushed home the message. CIMAstudy helped me achieve 83% in P1 and 83% in P7!

Oliver Gearing – Financial Analyst

Working full-time and studying for the CIMA qualification means that effective time management is vital. I first purchased CIMA.com last October when I started revising for my Managerial level exams. I particularly like the direct links to further reading material which is absolutely key to getting a good pass. There are plenty of practise questions and direct links to past exam questions and answers. Having direct links like these saves a lot of time when you are under pressure, and it means I can be flexible and access study materials wherever I am and at any time. For example I will often do some reading during my lunch break at work. I purchased CIMA.com for my current level of studies as soon as it was available as I have no doubt it will be of benefit.

Angela Thomas – Cost Accountant

If you have any experience with CIMAstudy.com please feel free to leave your comments and feedback below. It will be helpful for me and other students as I may look towards purchasing some of their materials in the coming months.

Good Luck and happy studying!