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CIMA SCS May 2016: DreemPark

The final batch of pre-seen materials have been released for the May 2016  CIMA case study exams. DreemPark is the company in question for the next Strategic Case Study (SCS) – you can find the official pre-seem material from CIMA here.

You’ll need to login to your CIMA connect account to access the pre-seen material.

Another resource that is worth looking at is the pre-seen SCS pre exam kit. You can find it here and it covers the following points.

  • How to use the pre-seen material.
  • Details of the “Ask a Tutor” session.
  • Student webinar: student exam success
  • Previous SCS post exam kits and feedback
  • Much, much more.

Meanwhile, Astranti have also released their pre-seen video series on the May 2016 SCS DreemPark. You can watch previews of the videos below, they will give you a great insight to the scenario and provide a good platform of knowledge when tackling the SCS.

DreemPark: Pre-Seen Analysis

The below video focuses on the May 2016 SCS pre-seen material page by page and highlights the key points you should be thinking about.


You can find the full series of videos for the May 2016 SCS here.

DreemPark: Strategic Analysis

The May 2016 SCS will represent the final exam for students and to achieve a pass mark you will need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the company in question. This video focuses on the strategic analysis of DreemPark and is a must watch for SCS students.


You can find the full series of videos for the May 2016 SCS here.

Astranti SCS Pass Guarantee

Astranti are so sure you will get a pass mark by taking their full case study course, that if you don’t pass they will give you the next full SCS course for free.

Here is what is included in the course.

  • SCS study text (part 1 and 2)
  • Pre-seen analysis (video and text)
  • Strategic analysis (video and text)
  • Top 10 issues (video and text)
  • Industry analysis (video and text)
  • 2 x online master classes – each class is a full day revision (recorded and live)
  • 3 x online mock exams – answered with detailed tutor feedback
  • Ethics pack
  • Personal advice and guidance

You can find full details on the SCS Course from Astranti here.

*I will update this post once more resources become available for the May 2016 SCS