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CIMA MCS August 2017: Aurora

CIMA MCS Aug 2017

The August 2017 MCS pre-seen materials have landed from CIMA, the case study is based on a company called Aurora and the official pre-seen materials can be found here.

The MCS exam from CIMA combines the knowledge you have learnt from the E2, P2 and F2 objective tests and puts it together in the format of a case study based exam. And the six weeks period beginning now is crucial for students taking the exam in August.

I posted an article earlier this month on the August 2017 case studies with advice on how to handle and be prepared exam day.

Aurora Automotive: What we know

  • Aurora specialises in cars and is focused on the mid-market for small hatchbacks, family saloons, sports cars and people carriers.
  • Aurora has acquired many smaller companies other time which has created the Aurora group.
  • They are striving to operate in a environmentally friendly manner.
  • The company was setup and is still based in Westland and is listed on the Westland stock exchange.

The Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply high-quality vehicles at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.
Our vision is to build exciting, efficient, reliable and safe cars that customers will wish to buy and drive.

*The above information was taken from the official CIMA pre-seen materials

Aurora: Pre-seen video analysis

Once you have read through the pre-seen materials from CIMA and have had time to digest them and make your own notes, I would suggesting aligning your thoughts with the below Astranti video. The tutor covers all of the key information and will get you thinking on the specific areas of the CIMA syallabus you should be covering.

You can find the full set of videos on the August 2017 MCS here.

MCS: Astranti Full Course

If you found the pre-seen videos helpful then the MCS course from Astranti is worth looking into as they provide a clear study plan with LOTS of materials, mock exams and support to help you pass the MCS.

CIMA Case Study Tips: August 2017

The third set of CIMA case study exams in 2017 will soon be upon us, we are still waiting for the pre-seen materials to be released for the August 2017 sitting but nevertheless I would urge students who planning to sit these exams to start thinking about them now!

CIMA Case Study August 2017


Astranti Case Study Course

As always I would strongly recommend students to make Astranti their first port of call when approaching the case study exams. The pre-seen materials have yet to be released for the August exams but you can expect to see the preview videos from Astranti on this site when they are released.

But to take full advantage and guarantee yourself a pass mark (see the Astranti Pass Guarantee), their full OCS, MCS and SCS courses cover everything you need to pass the August 2017 CIMA case study.

CIMA August 2017 case study tips

  • Study Text 1: how to approach the exam.
  • Study Text 2: syllabus content that is easy to digest.
  • Pre-Seen Analysis: where it all begins! video analysis of the pre-seen.
  • Strategic Analysis: how to understand the scenario from a strategic point
  • Top 10 Issues: a tutors view on the top 10 issues with the case study scenario
  • Industry Analysis: a look into the industry surrounding the case study.
  • Masterclass 1: live session with CIMA tutor on how to pass the case study.
  • Masterclass 2: another live session focusing on CIMA syllabus revision.
  • 3 Mock Exams: based on the actual case study (with marking and feedback!!).
  • Personal Advice and Guidance – via private forums and progress reviews.
  • Ethics Pack – a favourite CIMA topic that should never be under estimated!!

You can find full details of their courses for all levels below for the August 2017 exams.

OCS Course – August 2017

MCS Course – August 2017

SCS Course – August 2017

CIMA Case Study Pass Rates

CIMA case study exam tips

It’s been a while since I have looked at the pass rates for the CIMA case studies but the latest set of results that were released for the February 2017 case studies make for interesting reading.

CIMA Case Study Pass Rates

OCS – Operational Level

Generally speaking 2 out of 3 students pass the OCS exam first time based on the 2016 exam sittings, however, this dropped dramatically in the Feb 2017 OCS sitting when only 45% (less than 1 in 2) passed the exam. 

This tells me that the OCS exam is probably one of the hardest exams to pass the CIMA qualification. Why?

Well, the OCS exam will be the first time students are sitting this style of exam and it takes a lot of preparation and exam practice to get yourself ready.

Students are also under estimating how tough this exam will be.

My advice for students taking the OCS exam for the first time to make sure you prepare in advance for the exam, refresh your knowledge of P1, E1 and F1 and make sure you spend enough time on digesting the pre-seen materials and mock exam practice.

MCS – Management Level

The next level up actually has very good pass rates considering, in theory, it will be a tougher exam to take in terms of content than the OCS. This just echoes the previous point I made with the OCS – by this stage, students will have had the experience of the OCS under the belt and won’t face any surprises on exam day.

Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that MCS students shouldn’t prepare as much as the OCS, it just suggests that the MCS students have a better understanding of whats required.

Personally, I am still struggling to find the time to complete my P2 exam but once I have the MCS exam will be my next stop! (More than likely it will be the Nov 2017 sitting).

SCS – Strategic Level

The pass rates for the SCS exam are also surprisingly encouraging. The pass mark over the last few sittings have been in the 60-65% region, which should give students who are tackling this exam in August that passing first time is achievable.

Again, SCS students will be well versed in taking the CIMA case studies and will be well aware of the expectations and demands on exam day.

The CIMA Connect site is a great source of information for students taking any of the case studies in August and I would recommend regular visits to the discussion boards there.

CIMA August 2017 Case Studies: Important Dates

The below timetable gives you all of the useful information you need in regards to the August 2017 CIMA case studies.

I’ve highlighted, in my opinion, the most crucial dates of all – the release of the pre-seen material!!

The OCS materials are released this time next (23rd June 2017) with the MCS and SCS pre-seen materials released in the following weeks.

CIMA August 2017 Exam Dates


Good Luck and happy studying!!