CIMA E1 Exam and Study Tips

CIMA E1 Exam Tips

CIMA E1 Exam Tips

CIMA E1 Study Text

Find the right study text for your CIMA studies is crucial and personally I like to vary the tuition providers depending on what exam I am sitting.

For example, I like using the Kaplan texts for the numerical papers as the clear step-by-step approach in their study texts works well for me.

But for the more “wordy” CIMA papers like E1 Organisation Management I tend to use the Astranti study texts as they are written in an easy to grasp manner and they more condensed format, so I can cover the whole syllabus quicker!

Likewise, if I am struggling to under a specific CIMA topic using Kaplan then I will look at the same subject in the Astranti study text to see if another viewpoint on the topic makes it easier to understand and help me pass the CIMA exam first time.

FREE Astranti CIMA E1 study text

Kaplan CIMA E1 study text

Study Planner

CIMA have revamped their self study planners for all their objective tests and they are a brilliant tool in planning your bid to pass E1 first time!

CIMA E1 Study Planner

The study planner covers all of the learning objectives and allows to plan your own schedule with their interactive day by day planner. Not only that, but there are tons of help links to CIMA articles of most of the learning components.

You can find the official CIMA E1 study planner here.

CIMA E1 Revision Classes

A great way for CIMA students who self study to reinforce their knowledge is by attending or viewing recorded CIMA revision classes. It’s a much cheaper way to get the exposure of a CIMA qualified tutor without the astronomical costs of class room tuition.

Here is a 20 minute preview video of the revision classes that are spread over 2 days and contain around 10 hours of materials.

You can find the CIMA E1 revision classes here.

CIMA Mock Exams

There are plenty of mock exam questions from the old style CIMA exams available on the CIMA connect site for E1 organisation management – you can find them here.

They can be a useful way to revise the syllabus content but you’ll need to prepare yourself for the new 2015 exam format for the objective tests and this includes E1 Organisational Management.

The above video gives you an idea on how to approach the E1 CIMA exam and hopefully pass it first time! But you’ll also need some considerable mock exam practice.

Again, I use a combination of the online Astranti mock exams which is a great way to replicating what you’ll face on exam day. But to add more depth to my exam preparation I use the Kaplan exam kits with over 200 questions to make sure I have plenty of experience in answering different types of questions.

You can find the Kaplan exam kit here and the online E1 mock exams from Astranti here..

Industry Articles

To get a firm grip on the CIMA E1 syllabus content, you should also be reading the latest industry articles and real life scenarios and news related to E1.

The CIMA connect has plenty of technical and industry related articles for most of the learning components in the exam.

REMEMBER: you can find direct links to those in your E1 study planner (see resources section i.e. FM article on Public and private sector organisations).

CIMA E1 Exam Advice

CIMA Connect Group

Students starting out on their CIMA journey must not forget to use the brilliant resources on the CIMA connect site. There are plenty of free resources on the E1 organisational management paper; ranging from past exam questions to student discussion on exam tehcnique and study tips.

It’s also a great way to interact with other CIMA students who are studying the same paper as you. Particulary useful if you are self studying or are struggling with a specific topic.

You can find the official CIMA connect group for E1 here.

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