CIMA Feb 2016 MCS: Pizzatime

Finally, the Management level students have been put out of their misery as CIMA released the pre-seen materials for the February MCS! You can find the full official document from CIMA here.

It’s a week later than was scheduled on the CIMA website but nevertheless work can now commence on analysing the pre-seen materials.

Astranti have already released their series of videos to help students through their preparation for the February sitting. Below is a sample of what you can you expect.

The final video preview below is over an hours footage of one of the MCS Masterclasses that tells you the keys to passing the exam. 

Good Luck to those sitting the Pizzatime exam next month!

CIMA Feb 2016: MCS Pre-seen Analysis

You can find the full set of videos here: MCS Preseen vids

CIMA Feb 2016: MCS Strategic Analysis

You can find the whole of the Pizzatime strategic analysis here:MCS Course Videos

CIMA Feb 2016: MCS Masterclass

You can attend the MCS masterclasses here:MCS Masterclasses


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