Industry Analysis – Feb 2016 OCS, MCS and SCS

If you are looking to pass the CIMA Case Study exams first time then you need to have a firm grip on the latest industry analysis. And with just weeks (days in the case on the OCS) to go, these resources and videos below are an excellent source of information.

Industry Analysis – OCS Feb 2016: First Class Bakery

The February OCS exam is focused on the baking industry with a company called First Class Bakery. It was a small family run business that recently 80% of it’s equity shares to a larger company called Universal Foods Groups.

Below are some I’ve found on the baking industry, trends and what consumers are demanding. While there is also a preview video from Astranti on their Industry Analysis for the Feb OCS.

You can find the full astranti video at their website here


Feel free to add any additional links or comments in the box below.

Industry Analysis – MCS Feb 2016: Pizzatime

Meanwhile, the MCS students have been given the mouth watering company called Pizzatime. Their role in the exam is of a finance manager and will need to have a different approach than then OCS.

Pizzatime have over 970 restaurants but they started in 1969 when two brothers came up with a simple idea of opening a pizza restaurant. Now they have a whole army of restaurants in different countries. The Feb 2016 MCS exam has a focus on franchising, so with this in mind the first link below shows the 2016 industry trends for pizza restaurants.

Finally, Astranti have also produced a video on their suggested Industry Analysis for pizzatime and preview is available below. Could be crucial in gaining those extra marks to pass the upcoming CIMA exam.

You can find the full video at their website here

Industry Analysis – SCS Feb 2016: Rio

The students who will be taking the Feb 2016 SCS exam will be eager to get over the line and become CIMA qualified.

The exam is focused on a fashion retailer called Rio and your role in the exam will be to give insights on special projects and strategic matters as a senior finance manager. As well as brushing up on your theory and pre-seen material, familiarising yourself with the fashion retail industry itself will help you on exam day.

So here are a few links of Industry Analysis that make for interesting reading.

The below video is a preview of the industry analysis by the tutors at Astranti financial training.

You can find the full video at their website here


Good Luck!

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