F2: Useful Links and Resoruces


If you have passed the CIMA operational level you will be looking to tackle the management level next. With F2 Advanced Financial Reporting, you will be building on your knowledge gained from the F1 paper.

The bulk of the paper focuses on Financial Reporting – so topics like group accounts, complex group structures and the accounting standards around them will be tested. Meanwhile, the CIMA F2 syllabus also includes areas on sources of long-term finance and the analysis of financial performance and position.

F2 Useful Links and Resources

Astranti Managerial Membership – Free Study Text 2015 – Astranti provide free study texts for ALL of the CIMA  papers and I use them as a base for my exam preparation. They are easy to digest and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

CIMA Connect F2 Group – the official CIMA site offers a specific group for F2 students where you can find resources, information and discuss key topics with other students. You should have this page bookmarked when studying for F2.

My F2 Study Plan – I started to study the F2 syllabus at the beginning of 2016 and here is my detailed study plan based using the Astranti study text.

Analysis of Financial Performance – an interesting article of financial performance and how to analyse it. It tells how to approach these kind of questions in the objective test itself.

Cash Flow Forecasting – a CIMA document that clearly explains how cash flows are prepared and the accouting treatment in regards of the F2 paper. Also shows preactical examples on how to answer exam questions.

Acorn Financial Training – Acorn provide class room tuition and home study materials. You can get an extra 10% off ALL of the acorn materials (including F2). Here can find the full the list of materials they offer and to claim the 10% discount please email thecimastudent[at]gmail.com with the items you wish to order.

If you have any additional resources you would like to share with other students for the F2 CIMA paper then please then a link in the comments box below.


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