The Week Ahead – 15th February 2016


The operational case study students can breath a sigh of relief now the February exam sitting is over – now it’s down to the management students to get down to business this week! Here is what is coming up on the website this week.

The following few weeks I will be focusing on the objective tests now we are reaching the end of the case study exams.


Do you read the CIMA FM magazine? Well if you don’t, you should start reading it now. It’s full packed of interesting articles and study tips. You can view the latest web version here – although you can also download the CIMA FM app too to read it on the go.

The CIMA Student Website

It’s been a manic first six weeks of the year trying to juggle work commitments and CIMA studies so sometimes its good to take stock and think and WHY you are studying for CIMA. So this week I look at the benefits of qualifying and the jobs on offer for qualified members (ker-ching). We are all studying for a reason, right?

Meanwhile, on Friday I will publish some resources I have gathered for the P2 paper.

As always, I am open for ideas on content for the site. So if you have anything (CIMA related of course) that is troubling you, please drop me a line on thecimastudent[at]gmail[dot]com

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