P2: Useful Links and Resources


The CIMA P2 Advanced Management Accounting syllabus has a well balanced range of subjects that builds on your learning from the P1 paper. Its primary focus is on long term and whereas P1 gave you a handle on costs and their drivers, P2 provides the competencies needed to analyse, plan and manage costs.

While it also shows how to manage and control various units in line with short term budgets and long term strategy. It’s a tough paper so here are some useful links and resources that will get on you on your way.

Useful Links and Resources

CIMA Connect P2 group – if you want to pass the CIMA P2 exam then I would suggest you get familiar with the CIMA connect group for Advance Management Accounting. CIMA provide tons of resources, advice and group discussion.

Astranti Managerial Membership – Free Study Text 2015 – Astranti provide free study texts for ALL of the CIMA  papers and I use them as a base for my exam preparation. They are easy to digest and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Astranti P2 video series – easy to navigate set of videos that covers and gives you an introduction to the P2 syllabus. You can also find these videos for E2 and F2.

Using BIG DATA to reduce uncertainty in decision making – great article from the CIMA website regarding a relatively new topic in the syllabus.

Acorn Financial Training – Acorn provide class room tuition and home study materials. You can get an extra 10% off ALL of the acorn materials (including P2). Here can find the full the list of materials they offer and to claim the 10% discount please email thecimastudent[at]gmail.com with the items you wish to order.

If you have any additional resources you would like to share with other students for the P2 CIMA paper then please then a link in the comments box below.


3 thoughts on “P2: Useful Links and Resources

  1. Hey there, thanks so much for building this site, super helpful! I sat P2 today and failed. Have since purchased the full P2 study set from Astranti – any other tips greatly appreciated?! I’m also trying to pass F2 before the MCS entry deadline of May 3rd – any tips greatly appreaciated! :))


    • Hi Val, I actually failed the F2 exam this morning. 😦 There will be a post on it tomorrow. I am also looking at buying the full set from Astranti as I used just the study texts and mock exams, when in fact I think I need much more help like the master classes and study videos. Thanks for the kind words and good luck with the studies!


      • Hey there, sorry to hear that you failed F2. The OTs are tough especially with the 70% pass mark. I started the Astranti P2 masterclass this morning (recorded video) and so far so good. Am planning to do a few hours of video each day, combined with Astranti mocks, chapter questions and text reading. I also have a copy of Acorn questions but found many errors. Really want to nail P2 asap. Happy studies everyone – we can do it! : )

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