The Week Ahead – 7th March 2016


Spring is upon us and it’s probably a good time to have a spring clean of your study desk and CIMA materials! For case study students, it’s that awkward wait for the February exam results and for those looking at the next sitting in May, the pre-seen materials are yet to be realised.

So if you fall into group I would suggest putting your feet up for a week or so and forgetting about study for now and organise HOW you want to sit your next set of exams for the next 12-18 months. It never hurts to be organised!

The CIMA Student Website

This week I will be putting an article out on financial ratio’s with a focus on Working Capital – how to calculate it and what it means. It’s an area I have been refreshing recently with my F2 studies.

Meanwhile, on Friday there will be an post on what resources I have put together for the P3 paper. If you would like to share any resources you have found or indeed use, then feel free to drop me a line on thecimastudent[at]gmail[dot]com and I will add them to the site.


CIMA often have a “Ask a Tutor” sessions on the CIMA connect website and it’s well worth keeping an eye on the topics they are covering. Their are currently sessions planned for CIMA certificate level, as well as management (and gateway) case study exams – you can find the announcements of these sessions on the CIMA connect site here.

If you cannot make the sessions then the full transcript will be posted on the CIMA connect site in the following days.

Have a good week!


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