The Week Ahead – 21st March 2016


Well, I was given a rude awakening last week when I sat down to mock exam on the F2 syllabus and scored just 41% (bear in mind I need 70% to pass), so much of time now leading up to the exam will be focusing on CIMA F2 revision.


However, this week marks the beginning of the cycle for the May Case Study exams and the OCS students will receive their results from the February exam. So Good Luck to all those getting results this week.

Please see the image below for the full schedule of dates for case study February results and the important dates for the May sitting.


The CIMA Student Website

The pre-seen material for the May OCS is released this week so I will get an article up with links and some research on the industry analysis. Although this is subject to change depending when CIMA release the pre-seen and I have time to do some research on it!

There will also be an article on the accounting standard IAS 24 related party transactions – it’s a fairly straight forward subject but I’ve found I was making silly mistakes in regards to the subject when taking F2 mock exams.

Finally, I would like to hear from ANY CIMA students who have passed an objective test or case study exam recently – you can email me on thecimastudent[at]gmail[dot]com – it would be great for other students so they can share their advice on how they passed their CIMA exams.

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