The Week Ahead – 4th April 2016


This week I will be going through the F2 syllabus again and analyse where I went wrong when failing the F2 Objective Test last week, I ordered the F2 (and E2 and P2) exam kits from Kaplan so I have more exam practice to go through to compliment the Astranti materials I already have.

The CIMA Student Website

The SCS May 2016 exam resources will be posted on the website later this week alongside an article on how CIMA exams are marked and what to expect.

I felt as I now have experience with both types of exams under 2015 syllabus (objective and case study) it would be a good time to take a look at what to expect when you receive your results.


It’s now “case study” season with all of the pre-seen material having been released for the May 2016 exams so here are a couple of articles on how to write reports in the case study exam as well as a guide on structuring email replys in your answers.

Here is a reminder of the important dates for the May 2016 case study exams.


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