The Week Ahead – 9th May 2016


It’s here. Well, for the OCS students at least! This weeks marks the beginning of the May case study exams at Operational level – good luck to those students who are sitting exams this week!


It may have not have been on your radar but the world first management accounting standard was published last month. It’s called PAS 1919: 2016 Guide to Management Accounting Principles and the standard was sponsored by CIMA while there was also input from different organisations such as NHS, Siemens and Fujitsu.

It really is a landmark for management accounting and the press release from CIMA can be found here.

The CIMA Student Website

This week there will be articles on the above mentioned accounting standard that was sponsored by CIMA and I’ll also be looking at more F2 topics and some example of exam questions with the suggested answers.

For those students who are sitting exams in the next few weeks here is an interesting article I stumbled across that might take your mind off the exams and raise a smile:

Where did all this office jargon come from? – The untold story of the most hated workplace cliches.

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