The Week Ahead – 23rd May 2016


The IC Optical CIMA management level case study was the focus last week, nevertheless it’s the final exam in the May sitting beginning this week. The strategic students have the scenario of DreemPark for which my links and resources on this exam can be found here for those needed some last minute revision!


Summer holidays will be on most people’s minds as we approach the end of May, but there is still time to sit and pass your next CIMA objective test! 

You can schedule your objective test exams with CIMA and Pearson VUE and pay later – I think you must pay in full at least 10 days before you sit the exam – but by scheduling the exam you will have a target a motivation to get studying!

The CIMA Student Website

Last week I went into detail on the an F2 area of the syllabus; Financial Instruments. This week, however, I will be changing tact and looking at the E1 and E2 subject of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I found a good illustration on this subject and will use it as a base for discussion.

Meanwhile, I will be finally getting round to posting an article of the afore mentioned NEW management accounting standard that was announced last month.

For those who missed it and are lacking motivation with their CIMA studies, you should take time to read this interview with a successful CIMA student who became recently qualified – you can find the full interview here.

Happy Studying!

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