CIMA Case Studies: Pass Guarantee

OCS, MCS, SCS Feb 2017 CIMA Exam Tips

OCS, MCS, SCS Feb 2017 CIMA Exam Tips

The pre-seen materials for the November 2017 CIMA case studies will start being released from the 22nd September so it’s the ideal opportunity to get prepared and have a plan of action ready to ensure you pass your CIMA case study first time.

I would thoroughly recommended using Astranti for their full case study packages and here is what you can expect (applies to all levels OCS, MCS and SCS).

Case Study: Full Course Contents

  • Study Text 1 – focuses on what you need to pass the case study.
  • Study Text 2 – summaries the key areas from the whole syllabus.
  • Pre-Seen Analysis – tutors detailed analysis of the pre-seen material.
  • Strategic Analysis – uses models & key theories and how to apply them in the exam.
  • Top 10 Issues – identifies the top 10 issues that could come up on exam day.
  • Industry Analysis – gives you the current industry trends for your case study.
  • Masterclass 1 – live session with tutor on keys to pass the case study exam.
  • Masterclass 2 – live session with tutor on revision of case study scenario.
  • 3 Mock Exams – with detailed feedback based on the actual case study scenario.
  • Personal Advice and Guidance – via private forums and progress reviews.
  • Ethics Pack – often overlooked but this comprehensive guide covers Ethics and how to apply it to the CIMA case studies.

Moreover, and perhaps the biggest confidence booster in the materials, is the Pass Guarantee that comes with the course.

Astranti believe the above materials and resources will guarantee a pass when sitting the case study exam, if it doesn’t then you can sit the course for the next sitting of the case study FREE OF CHARGE!

You can find full details of their courses for all levels below and dates when the pre-seen material is released for the November 2017 exams:

OCS Course – November 2017 – the pre-seen material for the OCS exam is released on 22nd September 2017.

MCS Course – November 2017 – the pre-seen material for the MCS exam is released on 29th September 2017

SCS Course – November 2017 – the pre-seen material for the SCS exam is released on 6th October 2017.

CIMA Case Study Exam Tips

I would recommend preparing for the case study early and using the Study Text 1 and 2 before the pre-seen material is released.

Laying the foundations is key to passing the CIMA case study exams.

This way you will already have a head start and extra time to focus your attention completely on the pre-seen material when it’s released by CIMA.

Watch the video’s again and again and make notes linking all aspects together – so think of the industry and strategic analysis when looking at the top 10 issues for example. The more rounded and connected your answers are on exam day, the more chance you will achieve a pass.

Don’t neglect ETHICS!!! Apply it where possible in the case study exam – think about any ethical dilemmas when digesting the pre-seen material too.

Astranti Video Previews

For those not familiar with the Astranti learning videos here is a sample from one of their How to Pass CIMA Case Study videos.

I’ve used Astranti myself to pass CIMA case studies and feedback from other students on this site have also used the above resources to pass first time. And don’t forget the full case study course comes with the pass guarantee!

So whether your tackling the OCS, MCS or SCS in November 2017 you will find that the materials mentioned above will set you on the way to achieving the pass mark you need!

Good Luck and Happy Studying!

[this blog post was updated on 24th September to reflect the current November 2017 exam sittings]


  • If i purchase your SCS full course material how long i will get your material for free. Until pass or only second time. please inform.


    • Hi Billal – the course is run by Astranti, the materials are relative for the current SCS. So November 2016, if you fulfill the criteria of the pass guarantee and don’t pass the November exam you will get the next SCS course for free. You can find more details from Astranti by using the links in the original article.


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