F2: Failed again

My second attempt at the F2: Advanced Financial Reporting paper resulted in my second failure. This time, though, it’s more demoralising than the first sitting!

I felt well prepared and felt confident when I finished the exam – so it was a blow to see the words “fail”on the provisional result at the exam centre. I’ll wait for the official result and scaled score to gauge how close or far away I was for a pass mark.

The main challenges in the exam today were choose three from the options below; if any area then this was the one I felt weaker today. The F2 Advanced Financial Reporting paper is a real tough – achieving the 70% pass mark, it seems, is a really BIG ask.

Which makes me wonder how I will fare further down the line?

I’m also pondering whether to shelve this subject for now and move on to E2 and P2?

It feels like I have been staring at this subject for so long no seems to be going in any more.

Anyway, for those preparing for CIMA objective tests you might want to watch this video below from CIMA on how to approach the exam.

Good Luck!


  • Thanks, also sorry to hear about P2. It’s so frustrating to invest the time, effort and money to see the words fail again! Bring back the 50% pass rate hand written exams I say! 🙂


  • Sorry to hear you failed. I don’t think you should shelve it, esp when you feel that you were close to a pass. You have most of the knowledge fresh in your head, if you leave it and move to another module alot of the information that you know now will probably be forgotten and it will be like starting again when you return to do it. Book next available date once you receive your mark and go for it again.


  • Hey,

    it looks like since this thread you have passed. well done!

    Unfortunately, I failed F2 today 😦 what did you do differently after failing and what advice can you give?



    • Hi Shivani, sorry for the late reply! Unlucky with F2 – it’s a real tough exam. I would suggest taking as many practice questions as you can to highlight your weak areas of the syllabus. Re-read the tudy text in those areas and take more practice questions! Also, exam technique is important and will help you build confidence and manage time well in the exam.

      Good Luck!


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