CIMA SCS August 2016: AEN

It’s finally here. The SCS pre-seen material for the August sitting of the strategic level case study has been released by CIMA.

This, the final exam for many students, will be arguably the toughest exam you will face in becoming qualified. So get started now on your revision and exam preparation – I have put together below a series of video previews from Astranti will set you on the road to becoming CIMA qualified!

You can find the official pre-seen material for the August 2016 SCS from CIMA here.

AEN: Pre-Seen Video Analysis

Understanding the pre-seen material is crucial to achieving a pass mark on exam day. It makes up the basis and platform for the questions and topics you will face when sitting the exam, make sure you are 100% comfortable with the material.

Below is a preview of the pre-seen analysis for AEN.
You can find the full set of videos on the August SCS here.

AEN: Strategic Analysis

The strategic analysis of the SCS scenario AEN is up next, here you will begin to understand and think about the mission and strategic goals of the company.

You can find the full set of videos on the August SCS here.

AEN: Top 10 Issues

Finally, the top 10 issues video goes through the most likely topics to be examined in the strategic level case study. It looks at the company and pre-seen materials and pin-points syllabus areas which could well be examined. It’s a great way to get some focus when preparing for the SCS.

You can find the full set of videos on the August SCS here.

Astranti SCS Pass Guarantee

I passed the OCS last year using the Astranti videos (pre-seen analysis, Top 10 issues and Strategic analysis) and would thoroughly recommend them.

Here is what is included in the course.

  • SCS study text (part 1 and 2)
  • Pre-seen analysis (video and text)
  • Strategic analysis (video and text)
  • Top 10 issues (video and text)
  • Industry analysis (video and text)
  • 2 x online master classes – each class is a full day revision (recorded and live)
  • 3 x online mock exams – answered with detailed tutor feedback
  • Ethics pack
  • Personal advice and guidance

You can find full details on the SCS course with pass guarantee here.

Good Luck! And feel free to leave links to any additional materials SCS students would benefit from when sitting the exam in August.

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