August 2016 OCS, MCS, SCS: Industry Analysis

The August CIMA case study exams are just weeks away now, so for those sitting the exams next month you will need to have all bases covered.

Alongside the pre-seen analysis, syllabus revision and mock exam practice you also need to familiarise yourself with the latest industry analysis for your respective case study scenario.

Being able to relate and use real life industry analysis in your exam paper will score you marks that can help you achieve that pass mark.

OCS: Wise Choice Hotels

Wise choice hotels is the scenario for the operational level students and the preview video below explains the current hotel industry and what to bear in mind when tackling the exam next month.

Meanwhile, here are a few links to also get you thinking about the hotel trade.

The Global Hotel Industry trends

Travel and Hospitality 2016 industry outlook

Tech trends driving the hospitality industry

You can find the full video of the OCS Industry Analysis here.

MCS: SparkSpace

SparkSpace is firm that specalises in IT infrastructure and specially servers. I have gathered a few links and resources below that will help you with your industry analysis for the August MCS exam. Good Luck!

Global IT Infrastructure industry trends

Emerging trends in IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure trends 2016-2020

You can find the full video of the MCS Industry Analysis here.


Finally, the SCS students have a firm called AEN who are a consultancy business that work in the area of renewable energy and wind farms.

Here are a few links on renewable energy that will get you thinking about the latest trends.

Wind energy and wind farms

How wind energy works

Industry trends in consultancy

You can find the full video of the SCS Industry Analysis here.

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