Interview with a CIMA Student

This month I asked a few question to a new CIMA student, Siobhan Reid, who will be sitting her first exam E1 later this year.

Q – Why did you choose to study CIMA over other accounting qualifications?

I chose CIMA because i’m interested in the questions and answers behind the numbers rather than being able to produce statutory accounts. I feel that management accounting isĀ a lotĀ more interesting than financial accounting. I have hopes of moving from the UK one day, perhaps to the USA and I like that CIMAĀ provides a globally recognised qualificationĀ and I will be part of the world’s largest body of management accountants.

Q – Do you learn with classroom tuition or home study?

I am currently learning home study with E1 but may look to classroom tuition for future exams. I have supported myself thus far, but my new employer will be supporting future exams.

Q – What are your biggest challenges when studying?

So far my biggest challenge has been motivation. I initially signed up to CIMA mid 2015 then I moved from Scotland to England and changed jobs a couple times. I used this as an excuse not to study but now I am in a job that supports my study I am fully motivated to move forward with the qualification.

Q – What materials did you use while studying for CIMA and why?

For E1 I am using the Kaplan textbook and question bank. I have a BAĀ honorsĀ degree in Accounting and Finance and feel thatĀ a lotĀ of E1Ā isĀ revision of what I covered during my 4 years at university and I am hoping this will be all theĀ resourcesĀ I need – as well as practice exams closer to the time.

Q – What is your motivation for studying CIMA?

Career progression. Within my current company, I can only move forward with my career if i have a qualification. Outwith my current organisation I also believe that having the CIMA qualification will open me up to greater opportunities.

Q – When do you plan to sit your first exam?Ā 

November 2016

Q – What’s the one thing you would change with CIMA?Ā 

I would have liked more information when choosing CIMA about the different methods of learning and also exemptions available.

Q – Although you are just start starting your CIMA journey, do you have any advice or tips for fellow students?

Keep going, it’ll be worth it.

To discuss and share anything CIMA related with Siobhan you can follow her on twitter here. –Ā @AccountantShiv

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