The Week Ahead – 26th September 2016



The CIMA Salary insight 2016 was released recently and gives you a good chance to gauge your current earnings against the average for a CIMA student/member in your respective industry. Perhaps it will act as a motivation to study harder or even give you the urge to speak to your boss about a pay rise!

You can find the interactive salary insight tool for 2016 here.

The CIMA Student Website

This week will be the focus on the MCS pre-seen materials for the November 2016 exam following the release of the OCS materials last week.

Hopefully CIMA are a bit quicker off the mark this week, as OCS students had to wait until Wednesday for the Marici Power pre-seen to go-live (although, in fairness to CIMA, they do say the pre-seen materials will be released the week commencing xxx – so not necessarily on the Monday)

Meanwhile, later on in the week I will be delving into a CIMA E2 syllabus area to share my thoughts.

Last week, saw a brilliant article from a CIMA student in Cameroon – if you haven’t already seen it then you can find it here – and if any other students would like to contribute in some way then please get in touch via twitter or email.

Happy Studying!

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