CIMA MCS November 2016: Portafone

Well, the MCS students got the pre-seen material for their November exam yesterday afternoon and the case study scenario revolves around a mobile phone company called Portafone. 

The company designs and manufactures mobile telephones and in your role as financial manager you will be required to work all functional areas of the business and the bulk of work revolves around management accounting.

Understanding your role in the MCS exam is crucial as it will determine how you approach each question and you will need to cater your answers accordingly.

You can find the official pre-seen material for the November 2016 MCS Portafone from CIMA here.

Portafone: Pre-Seen Video Analysis

The first port of call (no pun intended) is to analyse the pre-seen material for the CIMA MCS exam. I would suggest going through the material on your own first and make notes on the key points and highlighting the important information – then watch the pre-seen video analysis from Astranti (below) and align your notes against the comments made by the tutors.

You can find the full set of videos on the November MCS here

Portafone: Strategic Analysis

The strategic analysis of the company should be done next so you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company and understand their strategic objectives.

Using the pre-seen analysis and strategic analysis together you will now probably have a good idea of what types of questions could come up. If there is a significant weakness in the company i.e. they are not committing enough investment and time in marketing, then there will probably be a question on the marketing mix (and remember you will need to think about this from a Financial Manager point of view).

To Strategic Analysis video will give you a much better understanding of Portfones strengths, weaknesses and overall strategy of the company.

You can find the full set of videos on the November MCS here

Portafone: Top 10 Issues

The Top 10 Issues video will highlight the most likely questions and topics that could come up on exam day. This is based on the tutors analysis of the pre-seen material alongside the strategic analysis of Portafone. 

It’s a great way to give your studies for the November MCS a clear focus on syllabus areas to brush up. Understanding and being prepared for the most likely questions to come up will give you a great chance of passing the CIMA MCS first time.

You can find the full set of videos on the November MCS here

Astranti MCS Pass Guarantee

Finally, the full MCS course for the Portafone case study covers every single base ranging from all pre-seen videos, mock exams with marking and online classes.

They believe by taking the course you will pass the CIMA MCS exam first time, so much so they offer a pass guarantee to all students.

You can find full details on the MCS course with pass guarantee here.

MCS Course Contents:

  • MCS study text (part 1 and 2)
  • Pre-seen analysis (video and text)
  • Strategic analysis (video and text)
  • Top 10 issues (video and text)
  • Industry analysis (video and text)
  • 2 x online master classes – each class is a full day revision (recorded and live)
  • 3 x online mock exams – answered with detailed tutor feedback
  • Ethics pack
  • Personal advice and guidance

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