The Week Ahead – 17th October 2016



Having been thinking about changing roles at work in the recent times I was keen to understand the role of Finance Business Partner a bit more. As it seems to be a fairly popular role these days and I also can see myself veering towards this kind of role in the future.

It seems to go hand in hand with CIMA studies too, as my initial understanding of the role is a bridge between the finance department and operations. Anyway, I came across this article on Understanding The Finance Business Partner role – very interesting reading.

The CIMA Student Website

This week I will be looking at the industry analysis for the upcoming case study exams – this will be for all three levels; OCS: Marici Power   MCS: Portafone and SCS: ADF.

While I will also be looking at more E2 subjects following the article last week on Porters Five Forces. If you have any specific request on topics you’d like to see then feel free to get in touch.

Happy Studying.

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