Passing the CIMA E2 Exam!

CIMA E2 Culture Exam Tips

Passing the CIMA E2 Exam!

Passing my E2 exam first time was a welcome relief after my experiences with failing the F2 exam a couple of times earlier this year. The E2 exam itself felt easier than I expected but this could be down to the fact I was really well prepared coupled with fact I was pessimistic heading into the exam.
How to pass CIMA E2
Logging into MYCIMA account and seeing the pass mark of 121 (out of 150) was a massive boost to my confidence and will hopefully give me some much needed momentum heading into the final Management Objective Test P2.

CIMA E2 Lessons Learned

Anyhow, here are the lessons I learned while studying and taking the E2 exam.

Study plans DO work

I gave myself a realistic study plan with plenty of time for mock exams and revision. In total I studied E2 for around 13/14 weeks and, if anything, I felt I was ready to sit the exam after 12 weeks.Use the interactive study planners from CIMA to help keep you on track.

Don’t scrimp and save on the materials

Wth F2 I used the bare minimum materials and bought more as I got closer to exam. With E2 I used the full Astranti course and was committed from the outset. I also had the Kaplan E2 exam practice kit and this proved invaluable, there really is nothing like question practice to get yourself exam ready.

Study as often as you can

It may sound obvious but the little and often theory works well for me. I studied everyday for the last two weeks before exam. Even if it was only 30-45 minutes reading notes on the commute to work. Constantly refreshing your memory is the best way ( for me anyway) to study CIMA. Spending 8 hours a day studying at the last minute is not ideal!

Be organised

I had my study notes, question practice and revision notes all in the same (BIG) notepad. So I had all of materials and notes in one place. It’s a great way to keep on top of things as opposed to having several notepads, scraps of paper and printed out sheets.

Vary your techniques

I found a good mix of resources and study methods really helped me get over line. Watching CIMA videos and master classes before attempting mock exams worked well for me, then focusing on the areas I got wrong in the mock exam by going over the study text and making more notes on the subject.

Be smart with your time management

This advice from a fellow CIMA student on the approach to take in the CIMA objective tests is brilliant. However, I did find the time pressure in the E2 exam wasn’t as strong. I finished the exam in around 60 minutes and spent the next 20 minutes or so reviewing each question again while I had the time. Unlike the F2 exam where I was frantically working until the end.

My CIMA E2 Resources

E2 Objective Course from Astranti

Kaplan E2 Exam Practice Kit

CIMA E2 self-study guide


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