CIMA Mock Exams: The Practice Tests Academy

It’s a common theme when reading feedback from examiners and CIMA – mock exam practice is the key to passing CIMA exams, in fact you can apply that to pretty much any exam you plan to sit!

Justyna from The Practice Tests Academy wrote an article for the website last month about the need for enough mock exam practice being the key to pass CIMA exams here.

So with this in mind, and the fact I plan to sit the tough P2 paper later this year, it’s a good opportunity to take a closer look at the mock exam questions and style offered by the practice tests academy.

Practice Tests Academy Style

I still have the bulk, well 90% of the syllabus still to cover for P2 at the moment, but nevertheless I wanted to see how the practice tests academy mock exam questions line up with the likes of Kaplan and Astranti (my usual two learning providers).

Firstly, the one thing that sticks out a mile is the sheer volume of questions available for the CIMA objective tests. They have 500 questions for P2!! With an even split across the four main syllabus. 500 seems a huge number of questions to go through, but I guess you can never have enough variety when revising.

How to pass CIMA examsYou can see from the above print screen that the 500 questions are spread across the four areas of the syllabus and are then even broken down even further.

Section A has 114 questions that are made up on A1 Activity Based Costing contains 38 questions, with A2 The Modern Business Environment has 32 questions and so on.

As well as studying each section, there is also the option to take a mock exam in timed conditions (unique and no unique questins) as well as a mini mock to get a feel for the mock exam questions.

P2 Mock Exam Questions Example

The feel of the mock exam questions is very much similar to what you face on exam day in the Pearson VUE centre.

You will notice they have the “flag for review” option in the bank of questions – a nice little touch! I had a start with section A questions and got my first incorrect answer at question number 2 – hmmm, not the greatest confident booster I could receive!

But the detailed explanation on the correct answer was very welcome.

It clearly explained each answer, why it was either the right on wrong answer!

CIMA Mock Exams

Mini Mock Exam

The mini mock exam is a great way to test yourself with questions covering the whole syllabus – the beginning of the mock exam shows you how many questions you will face the 45 minute timed, 30 question exam.

Cima P2 Mock Exam

Again, my feelings when taking the mini mock exam is that it reminds me very much of the real exam. You have all of the same functionality i.e the present value table, flag for review option, timer counting down etc.

CIMA Exam Tips

I’ve used the time to get myself familiar with how the Practice Tests Academy resources look like and what benefits there are to using them – rather than taking the questions seriously at this stage.

Once you have answered the questions and click on Finish you get a nice little summary of your results and the option to review each questions – see below.


CIMA Mock Exam Resources

I think that’s a great touch to see this kind of breakdown and gives you tools to go back and go over your answers, see where you went wrong and what areas you need to improve on.

At the moment, I am look way off taking mock exam questions for the P2 syllabus but I know when I do I have an exhaustive list of questions available when logging into my Practice Tests Academy account.


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