CIMA SCS May 2017: Fizz

CIMA SCS Fizz Exam Tips

The final round of pre seen materials were released for the May 2017 sitting of the CIMA case study exams. It revolves around a company called “Fizz” and your role in the exam is that of Senior Manager.

You can find the official pre-seen materials from CIMA here.

Earlier this month I posted some advice for students who are taking case studies in May and you can find that here.

It’s also worth checking out the CIMA connect SCS homepage here where you will find resources, tips and advice from students in the same boat as you!

Fizz: Who are they?

Here is a quick overview and few highlights taken from the pre-seen materials for the Fizz case study

  • The company was founded in 1890 by the Clann family
  • The original products were mild tonics aimed to settle stomachs.
  • Fizz was listed on the Northalnd stock exchange in 1962 with the Clann family still holding 18% of the company.
  • “Froot” is the companies most popular drink, it’s a carbonated soft drink and has a growing global market.
  • Fizz also sells spring water (still and sparkling) – the water is collected from a spring close to the Fizz factory in Northland.
  • Their main competitor is a company called Quench who also has a franchise right to sell a global brand cola drink.

Fizz: Pre-seen video analysis

You can find the full set of videos on the May 2017 SCS here.

Fizz: Strategic Analysis


You can find the full set of videos on the May 2017 SCS here.

Fizz: Top 10 Issues

You can find the full set of videos on the May 2017 SCS here.

SCS: Full Astranti Course

You can find full details on the SCS course with pass guarantee here.

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