CIMA MCS November 2017: ZX Office

CIMA MCS November 2017

The CIMA MCS case study exam revolves around a company called ZX Office Furniture – you can find the official pre-seen materials released by CIMA here.

Below is a series of preview videos from Astranti that cover;

  • The Pre-Seen Materials
  • Industry Analysis
  • Top 10 Issues

But before viewing the videos I would strongly urge the MCS students to check out the CIMA connect site and download the November 2017 MCS Pre-Exam kit – it has lots of useful documents, advice, guides and resources and will give you a starting point on your path to passing the MCS exam first time!!

You can find the full details on the Pre-Exam kit here (login to CIMA connect is required).

MCS November 2017:  Pre-Seen Analysis

The pre-seen analysis below highlights the key information in the materials released by CIMA and will (hopefully) get you thinking about the scenario in more detail. What they company does well, what are their strengths and weaknesses etc?

You can find the full set of videos on the November MCS here.

MCS November 2017: Strategic Analysis

What are the strategic objectives of ZX Office Furniture? The below video considers them from a financial, internal, learning and customer perspective.

You can find the full set of videos on the November MCS here.


MCS November 2017: Top 10 Issues

This is one of the most sort after videos as it highlights 10 potential questions or issues that will come up on exam day based on the pre-seen materials. But remember this is just the opinion of the tutor and don’t assume they will all be tested on exam day.

You can find the full set of videos on the November MCS here.

MCS: Astranti Full Course

The MCS course from Astranti is worth looking into if you’re after a full comprehensive set of resources, what’s more, the course comes with a PASS GUARANTEE. Check out the conditions on the Astranti site for more information.

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