CIMA SCS Nov 18: Novak Pharmaceuticals

SCS Nov Dates

SCS November Important Dates

The relevant CIMA SCS milestones for the November 2018 exams are listed above. As you can see (at the time of writing this blog post) there are still a few weeks until the pre-seen materials are released for the exam, so it’s a great time to start planning how you will pass the SCS first time and become CGMA qualified!

However, if you are reading this after the pre-seen materials have been released, don’t fear! You still have enough time to get exam ready and I hope the advice and resources below will see you on your way.

SCS Tuition Videos

One way to get prepared for strategic case study scenario is to understand;

  • What does it take to pass the exam?
  • Exam planning and writing
  • How to score how marks on the pre-seen materials

As you should have the required level of technical knowledge from all of the E3/P3/F3 exams, now it’s a case of having the required technique and structure for laying out your answers.

I also believe there is a great benefit from learning from other students mistakes to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap. Below is an example of the Astranti SCS tuition video that goes through a students SCS exam answer on what was good and not so good!

Approaching the CIMA SCS Exam

I want to start this section with a look at what the examiner is looking for in terms on the competency displayed in the SCS against the other CIMA case study exams.

The SCS exam is a perfect split of 25% in each category, which, on comparison is very different to what CIMA expect from OCS students where the emphasis is on technical knowledge (i.e. syllabus content).


What does this all mean?

Well, it’s clear that the SCS exam requires a well rounded answer script that addresses the four areas that make up the CGMA competency framework.

The below diagram taken from CIMA website paints a clear, brief picture of each competency.

The general trend from the OCS, MCS to the SCS exam places less weighting on the technical knowledge with a stronger focus on the business, people and leadership skills that is required at strategic level.


With this in mind, when giving your answers in the SCS exam you should remember that your role as Senior Finance Manager has to;

  • Think long term and sets the strategy for the business.
  • Be able to demonstrate leadership skills (especially with change management)
  • Has the ability to influence people.

What’s more you’ll also need to remember the audience you will communicating to the exam.

Unlike the operational or management case studies, you will be giving your answers and recommendations to the CFO, the board of directors, the senior management team and other senior non financial staff.

Pre Seen Materials: Novak Pharmaceuticals

SCS Nov18

CIMA released the pre-seen materials for the November 2018 strategic case study on Friday 5th October and you can download them from the CIMA website here.

SCS Astranti Course


The full SCS course from Astranti is really packed full of resources;

Complete pre-seen pack (pre-seen, strategic, industry analysis and top 10 issues)

  • 3 x Full tuition videos
  • 2 x Study texts
  • 2 x Live Masterclasses (the keys to passing and revision masterclass)
  • 3 x Full Mock Exams (based on Nov 18 scenario)
  • Detailed marking and feedback
  • Ethics Pack
  • Pass Guarantee


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