CIMA Black Friday SALES!

It’s that time of year when we are awash with Black Friday Sales and the market for CIMA materials is no different!

I am a keen advocate of Astranti and Practice Tests Academy having used both tutition providers in my own quest in becoming a fully qualifed CIMA accountant in 2019.

Practice Tests Academy have 25% off ALL of their CIMA materials, including their newly created case study packages. I used ther P2 exam question bank to great success when passing P2.

Meanwhile, Astranti have a whopping 40% off all CIMA materials until 29th November – their case study courses were the staple of my resources.

With the November case studies winding up this week, it’s a good time for students who are looking to take a February 2022 case study to think about their study materials.

Remember the pre-seen materials for the February 2022 exams are already published!

OCS Feb 2022 Exam: TreadCushy

In this recent blog post I look at the famous topics of costing, budgeting and outsourcing in context of the Feb 2022 OCS pre seen materials.

MCS Feb 2022 Exam: Frinta

The Frinta case study scenario looks like a really well run company, but I picked out a couple of focus areas from the pre-seen materials. Read my MCS blog post on Frinta here.

SCS Feb 2022 Exam: Pixlwizz

The final blog post on the upcoming case studies is around a software company called Pixlwizz, I took the time to develop my own SWOT analysis of the company based on the pre-seen materials. Read it here.

*Just a reminder, I am an affiliate of both CIMA tutition providers but I wouldn’t recommend any provider I don’t have first hand experience with myself, the support helps keep my website and maintenance costs down.


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