CGMA Finance Leadership Program

Since I qualified as a CIMA, CGMA member three years ago, my focus has naturally been shifting away from the perspective of a student and instead focusing on my own career and development.

Nevertheless, the recent news that CIMA are offering a new route to becoming a qualified CIMA, CGMA member is big and exciting news for students.

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) offers current and new CIMA students an alternative, modern, forward thinking route through the syllabus.

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is remote based, self paced and fully online.

The FLP will be available for students in England, Ireland and Wales from September 2022 and you can find out more details here from the official CIMA website.

My initial thoughts are it’s a bold move by CIMA, but one that is also in tune with the current landscape.

Remote and hybrid working is a norm these days, flexibility is a key motivator these days and CIMA seem to be following that trend with the introduction on the Finance Leadership Program.

The Ultimate Guide to CIMA FLP

If I was student right now and wondering what my step would be, I would have more questions than answers.

There are no doubts some big advantages with the program, but you should also consider the other side of the equation – would you feel isolated? How much does it cost to enroll with CIMA on this route?

Astranti have put together a quite frankly brilliant in-depth article on FLP, it should answer all of the questions you might be asking yourself as a student at these crossroads.

Check out their Ultimate Guide to CIMA FLP for a comprehensive look at the program.

image taken from Astranti “The Ultimate Guide to CIMA FLP”

If you’re a student based in England, Scotland and Wales who is enrolling on FLP, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the program and why you decided to enroll. You can find me at @thecimastudent on Twitter.

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