CIMA Black Friday Sales!

Forget the LCD TV’s and Peloton exercise bike, use this season’s Black Friday sales to make whopping savings on your CIMA materials. Astranti are offering a mega 40% off of all of their CIMA and CPD materials.

Just use the code BLACKFRIDAY22 to get the 40% discount off all CIMA and CPD materials.

*offer ends 1st December 2022

Ideal if you are planning to sit the February 2023 case study or if want to take advantage of their full study packages for the whole operational, management or strategic level of the syllabus.

CIMA Case Study: February 2023 Astranti Courses

The below video is a 35 minute taster from Astranti on the pre-seen materials for the upcoming CIMA OCS exam in February 2023 – FireWorks.

CIMA CPD: Continuing Professional Development

Even qualified CIMA CGMA members never stop learning! Now maybe a good time for those qualified members to take stock and start planning how you want to achieve your future career goals.

Planning your CPD can be just as important as planning to sit your final case study exam.

I am currently in the middle of updating my CPD hours I have already taken as well as looking further ahead – here is a blog post for more information on how to think about CPD.

Meanwhile, Astranti have a range of bitesize CPD courses, that will relevant in a range of finance and accounting jobs.

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