CIMA Feb 23 Case Studies: Top 10 Issues

For those students sitting the February 2023 case study exams, you should be well into your pre-seen analysis and have drawn up your initial set of notes on the pre-seen materials.

But what’s next?

Finding a focus to your studies can be overwhelming given the breadth of the syllabus and potential examinable areas.

Identifying the top 10 issues in your CIMA case study exam is a great way to focus your studies and keep things relevant. To help you on your way, these preview videos from Astranti for the OCS, MCS and SCS exams will get you thinking on the flags raised by the pre-seen materials.

CIMA OCS Feb 2023: Fireworks – Top 10 Issues

CIMA MCS Feb 2023: Happy Playz – Top 10 Issues

CIMA SCS Feb 2023: Hottayr – Top 10 Issues

Hopefully they given you some ideas and focus areas for the rest of your February CIMA case study revision.

Good Luck!

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