CIMA Case Study Feb 2023: The Examiners Report

The February 2023 CIMA case study exams are just around the corner.

Students sitting a case study exam this month should be primed and (almost) ready for exam day! Your pre seen analysis is done, the industry analysis has been ticked off and you should have taken at least one mock exam by the stage.

So now is the ideal time to learn from other students mistakes as CIMA released The Examiners Report from the November case study sitting.

It’s a resource that goes under the radar, but you’d be a fool to over look it as CIMA are essentially giving you free advice on WHAT NOT TO DO on exam day!!

I’ve gone through the OCS, MCS and SCS examiners reports and picked out my key takeaways.

OCS: Fireworks Nov 22 Examiner Feedback

Significant number of candidates gave very poor answers, mainly due to;

  • Lack of application to the scenario, leading to generic, text-book type answers.
  • Lack of clarity and depth in explanations: a focus on identification rather than explanation.
  • Candidates answering the task that they wish they had been asked rather than what had been asked or misreading the task given.
  • Gaps in technical knowledge and understanding in some of the P1 and F1 areas, meaning that some tasks were answered well and others poorly.

You can read the full OCS November 2022 examiners report here.

MCS: Happy Playz Nov 22 Examiner Feedback

The examiner gave feedback around the quality of answers provided by students and stated that basic level 1 answers were summary of content from the syllabus with no real insight or application to the scenario, while at the other end of the spectrum, the advanced level 3 answers were evaluated and applied to the scenario with justification.

While another common pitfall was students not answering the requirement OR students were reluctant to commit themselves to solution/proposal in the fear of a “wrong” answer.

The examiner gives a nice one pager at the end of the report with a list of advice on what to do BEFORE and DURING the exam, you can find the full MCS November 2002 examiners report here.

SCS: Hottayr Nov 22 Examiner Feedback

The SCS report was in a similar format to the MCS report, illustrating the differences between a weak (level 1) and strong (level 3) answer.

  • Recalling syllabus content is helpful, BUT YOU MUST apply it to solving problems presented in the exam.
  • There is no substitute to mock exam practice.
  • If asked for a recommendation, you must justify it. Even if your recommendation is different from the examiner, you will still gain credit for the quality of the justification.
  • Be sure to include real-world examples – low carbon products are discussed widely in the press, so it’s possible to research this easily before exam day.

You can read the full SCS November 2022 examiners report here.

Good Luck with your upcoming case study exam!

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