CIMA May 2023: Mock Exams

The importance of taking mock exams in exam conditions cannot be underestimated, especially for the CIMA case studies.

As half of the battle is understanding the syllabus and context of the pre-seen materials, but you’re destined to fail if you cannot translate that knowledge into a well balanced set of exam answers, which only comes from practicing and learning from mock exams.

I’ve repeatedly banged the drum about mock exams, six months ago I published a guest blog post from Practice Test Academy on the importance of mock exams and why practice makes perfect!

Meanwhile, CIMA are telling students directly that there is no substitute for tackling past papers and mock exams! The below snippet was taken from the CIMA Examiners Report for the Feb 2023 strategic case study.

3. Make sure that you can write credible answers to case study exams. There is no substitute for attempting past papers and preparing detailed answers. The more papers you attempt, the better you will become at interpreting and answering questions. You can review your answers by asking yourself whether you would feel comfortable in submitting your response to an issue to a director or senior manager.

taken from the Feb 2023 CIMA examiners report

If you haven’t already I would strong recommend to go through the exam resources provided by CIMA for previous case studies, you will find the examiners report is packed with brilliant advice how to pass your CIMA case study first time and avoid mistakes made by previous students.

The Astranti mock exams and feedback for the upcoming May 2023 case studies are a great way to hone your skills and get that vital feedback before you tackle the real thing in May.

Below is a video on how Astranti advise you should debrief for a mock exam attempt.

Good Luck with your next case study exam!

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