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It’s that time of year when Astranti have a whopping 40% OFF all of their CIMA materials, it’s a great time to add to your resources or push yourself to take the next case study sitting in February 2019.

To claim the 40% discount add the discount code 40BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout – offer is applicable from Friday 23rd November to Monday 27th November.

Astranti Case Study Courses

February 2019 Case Studies

A reminder that the best time to sit a CIMA case study, in terms of time you get to study, is always the February case study exams.

As you get 60 days between the pre-seen materials being released and the exam itself. Normally you get around 45-50 days between the pre-seen and the exam but CIMA have factored in the Christmas period and give a longer period of time for students taking the February exams.

But the reality is, if you’re sitting a Feb case study, you’ll probably only take a few days break over Christmas and you’ll have the opportunity to be really prepared for the exam with two months between the pre-seen and exam.

You can see below that SCS students taking the exam in February 2019 will have a massive 67 days from pre-seen release to beginning of exam session!


I passed the MCS exam in 2018 by taking it in February and found the extra time was really helpful to get to grips with the pre-seen and developing a style to answer planning.

How I passed the CIMA MCS exam in February 2018.

The benefits of taking a case study exam in February.

Astranti February 2019 OCS Course

Astranti February 2019 MCS Course

Astranti February 2019 SCS Course

Astranti Objective Test Materials

The Astranti Black Friday sale is not just limited to case study materials, but all of their objective test materials too!

Use the code 40BLACKFRIDAY to claim the 40% OFF the Astranti Objective Test materials for Operational, Management and Strategic levels of CIMA.

Practice Tests Academy

There is also the exclusive 20% discount for all CIMA Student readers for The Practice Tests Academy resources, which ranges from mock exams, question banks and full objective courses with video lectures.

For an insight into their materials, then read my blog post from earlier this week here. And if The Practice Tests Academy are new to you then watch this nice video below on their story so far…

CIMA Objective Test Courses


The CIMA objective tests are the meat on the bones of the CIMA qualification and you will need to pass nine objective tests in total (plus three case studies) to become fully qualified so it’s imperative you find the right resources for you.

Astranti offer a comprehensive package of materials for each CIMA objective test, so whether you starting your life as a CIMA student, or you’re looking for a new learning provider I would suggest taking a look at what they have to offer.

Astranti CIMA Objective Course Content

Well, the objective test courses are packed with materials and resources to ensure you have the sufficient knowledge and enough mock exam practice to achieve the pass mark required. Whether it’s the operational level,the management level, or the final strategic level of the CIMA syllabus, the core content of the Astranti CIMA objective test resources remain the same.

Here’s a breakdown of the complete package.

  • Study Text – printable and online version for full study text for the objective test your require. It gives simple explanations and understanding and, I would say, is lighter than the wordy BPP text.
  • Chapter Revision Questions – after every chapter there is a set of revision questions that gives you the chance to cement the knowledge learnt from the study text.
  • 3 x Online Mock Exams – each mock exam contains 60 challenging questions taken from all areas of the syllabus. Detailed feedback is provided so you can learn from your mistakes and understand where you went wrong.
  • Tuition Videos – around 10-13 hours of tuition videos come with most of the objective test course, this is great for students who need that visual aid and “class-room” feel of learning.
  • CIMA Revision Master Classes – over 10 hours of pre-recorded master classes for your choose subject. The purpose of these master classes is to reinforce the knowledge you already have as well giving some key exam tips on how to pass CIMA exams.
  • Tutor Support – the course provides a tutor monitored forum that allows access for students to ask questions and seek further clarity on questions or topics they are not sure of.


Tuition Video Preview

Below is an example of the CIMA F1 tuition video you can expect when enrolling on the full objective course.

  • There are around 13 hours of videos available!
  • Recorded by a professional and experience tutor.


Master Class Video Preview

Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview of the master class video on the CIMA F1 syllabus – the master classes are the perfect way to consolidate your knowledge and pick up some handy hints for passing CIMA objective tests.


Full CIMA Objective Courses

You can find the full CIMA objective test courses from Astranti below and if they are not to your liking, then they offer a full 7 day money back guarantee.

Operational OT Courses – covers the E1, F1 and P1 CIMA papers on the operational level

Management OT Courses – the E2, F2 and P2 CIMA papers on the management level.

Strategic OT Courses – includes the E3, F3 and P3 CIMA papers on the strategic level.

My Opinion

I’m a keen user of the Astranti materials as they helped me pass the CIMA operational case study at the first time of asking last year – you can read about that here.

I also used their materials also for my latest F2 exam (which I failed – you can also read about that here) but I only used their study text and mock exams, so I would definitely encourage people to use ALL of the materials available to give yourself the best possible chance of passing your exams – I’m hoping their master class videos for F2 will be give me that bit extra needed to pass my re-sit exam.

Good Luck!