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The Week Ahead – 25th April 2016


We are another week closer to the CIMA May 2016 case study exams with the operational level students having just two weeks until exam time. The MCS students have three weeks until their exam while the SCS students still have four weeks remaining to get exam ready. Last week I posted an article on the industry analysis for each case study exam – you can find it here.


Not so much news, but I read an interesting tweet that should act as a motivation for people studying CIMA!

The CIMA Student Website

This week I will be focusing on F2 exam style questions as I received the exam kit for Kaplan so I will post a few of the questions up with the detailed answers and explanation too. Meanwhile, I’ll try and get another article up on the upcoming CIMA case study exams.

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The Week Ahead – 18th April 2016


It’s been a tough of couple weeks for me personally in terms of getting back on track with my CIMA F2 studies after failing at the beginning of the month. The Kaplan exam kit arrived so I could start revising again but I’ve yet to open it. But nevertheless a new week brings new hope!

There was little activity on the site last week due to the fact CIMA was at the back of my mind but I intend to rectify it this week.


The May sitting of the case study exams are approaching and you can find the preview videos on the pre-seen analysis below. Worth a look and contain over 30 minutes of video for each paper – OCS, MCS, SCS – they will get you on the right track passing the upcoming CIMA case studies. For those sitting the OCS exam next month you can read how I passed it here.

May 2016 OCS – Sanchez Navarra

May 2016 MCS – IC Optical

May 2016 SCS – Dreem Park

The CIMA Student Website

This week I’ll look at each May case study paper in terms of industry analysis as well focusing on an F2 topic I will be revising this week. Most likely long term leases and how to calculate them using the sum of digits method.

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Happy Studying!


The Week Ahead – 29th February 2016


Well, the February case study exams are well and truly over for everyone. Now the anxious wait for exam results begins – if you’re not sure when your results are released I have made a note of the dates below.


You may have heard or seen news about CIMAs proposed joint venture with the American Institute CPA to create a new accounting association? Well, if not you should take a read of the FAQ’s about the proposed joint venture here.

By joining together, CIMA and AICPA would become the most influential body of professional accountants in world!

The CIMA Student Website

My F2 studies are continuing and this week I will at the sources of long-term finance and focus raising equity finance. I am also continuing my CIMA resources pages and I will be posting the best resources available for the Strategic level starting with the E3 paper.

Important Dates

OCS Feb Exam results – Thursday 24th March 2016

MCS Feb Exam results – Thursday 31st March 2016

SCS Feb Exam results – Thursday 7th April 2016

You can find the full 2016 exam calender and important dates from the CIMA website here.

The Week Ahead – 8th February 2015



Students who are taking the objective tests in the coming weeks and months have been given some good news by CIMA as calculators are now allowed in the exam hall – hooray!

I came across the news here on the CIMA connect site and it’s a must read for all students as only certain calculators (non-programmable) will be allowed.

Case Study Exams

The OCS exams are beginning this week so Good Luck to all those students on Operational level, meanwhile the MCS and SCS students still have a week or so left before they sit their exams. I posted some industry analysis on the February case study exams last week here – which will hopefully help you with your revision.

The CIMA Student Website

I was approached with the idea of arranging/co-ordinating CIMA students study sessions. So students can get together in the same place and have study/revision sessions -this is particularly important for students who are self studying and lack the setting and interaction of classrooms.

It’s an excellent idea that I will be looking to set-up on the website soon.

If you have any input on this, please feel free to email on thecimastudent[at]gmail[dot]com

10% Discount on CIMA Materials

Finally, there is an update on the Acorn Financial Training offers for February. As well as the listed offers in their brochure, you can receive an extra 10% discount by placing your order via thecimastudent[at]gmail[dot]com



CIMA Exams – one at a time?


The new CIMA 2015 syllabus, in my eyes, has changed dramatically when you consider the examination structure. The objective tests can be scheduled at any time and have been reduced to 90 minutes with several smaller questions covering the whole syllabus.

It’s a welcome relief not to have face the 180 minutes hand written exams for each subject area, however, the new case study exams at the end of each level are as broad as they are challenging. Trying to revise for all three subjects and apply it to the pre-seen material is definitely a big, big challenge.

Personally, I have yet to sit one of the new operational exams in the 2015 syllabus and I am thinking about the path I will take next.

The exams for the 2010 syllabus were scheduled at certain times during the year, which usually meant students (myself included) would study for two papers at a time.

  1. To add variety to your studies
  2. To make the most of the exam timetable

However, the new syllabus means you can sit the exams any time you want. Well, the case study exams have set times but you can sit the objective tests whenever and, what’s even better, is the fact you get the results there and then!

Meaning, if you  fail an objective test you can re-take it the following week or month, ensuring you don’t lose too much ground when waiting for your next exam.

Nevertheless, it’s given me a bit of a problem when considering the approach to study for the CIMA objective tests. Do I just focus on one exam at a time, or do I attempt to sit two or three at a time?

There is an interesting article on the CIMA website that highlights the pros and cons of either approach. You can find the document here and it’s well worth a read.

The main points worth considering are the impact on the case study when deciding what path to take on the objective tests. If you take just one exam at a time “You may need to refresh your knowledge before taking the case study“.

Alternatively, by taking three subjects together (or two) “You will see clear links between each subject to prepare for the upcoming case study

Currently, I am swaying towards studying for one objective test at a time so I can focus my attentions on the one subject and ensure I pass first time. Also, by focusing on one subject at a time I should be in a position to take the exam quicker – perhaps in a two month period? Meaning I won’t have such a long gap between papers and ultimately the case study.

I guess it’s all down to personal preference but the 2015 CIMA syllabus is certainly much more flexible than ever before.