The Week Ahead – 18th April 2016


It’s been a tough of couple weeks for me personally in terms of getting back on track with my CIMA F2 studies after failing at the beginning of the month. The Kaplan exam kit arrived so I could start revising again but I’ve yet to open it. But nevertheless a new week brings new hope!

There was little activity on the site last week due to the fact CIMA was at the back of my mind but I intend to rectify it this week.


The May sitting of the case study exams are approaching and you can find the preview videos on the pre-seen analysis below. Worth a look and contain over 30 minutes of video for each paper – OCS, MCS, SCS – they will get you on the right track passing the upcoming CIMA case studies. For those sitting the OCS exam next month you can read how I passed it here.

May 2016 OCS – Sanchez Navarra

May 2016 MCS – IC Optical

May 2016 SCS – Dreem Park

The CIMA Student Website

This week I’ll look at each May case study paper in terms of industry analysis as well focusing on an F2 topic I will be revising this week. Most likely long term leases and how to calculate them using the sum of digits method.

If you have any suggestions in terms of content for the site then please reach out to me on thecimastudent[at]gmail[dot]com.

Happy Studying!


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