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The Week Ahead – 6th June 2016



It’s been over a week now since the last May CIMA Case Study was taken, so many of you maybe wondering when the results are? Well, here is a reminder that the results for the OCS will be released in just over two weeks time (Thursday 23rd June)!

If it’s your first case study exam then here is an article of what to expect when you receive your results and how to analyse them.

Elsewhere, CIMA have announced their advanced diploma in global business services. It’s their second offering as part of a three tier certified GBS professionals programme that targets GBS leaders and senior management. You can read the full press release from CIMA here.


The CIMA Student Website

This week I will be looking at more topics in the F2 CIMA syllabus as well global reporting initiatives (as requested by a reader of the website through twitter). If there is anything else you would like to see on the site then please get in touch via the usual channels.

This website is designed to help CIMA students of all levels, so it would be great hear from of you on what you would like to see/not see on the site.

Happy Studying!

The Week Ahead – 2nd May 2016


Time flies! As we are at the beginning of May and this time also coincidences with the beginning of the next round of CIMA case study exams.

Another week has also slipped by for me personally in regards to my F2 revision and I’ve rescheduled the exam for next month as given my other commitments this month it was unrealistic thinking that I would be in a position to pass the retake this month.

Here is what is coming up this week on the site and CIMA in general.


I’ve had quite a few search terms on the site recently where students are asking when they will receive their objective test results. With this in mind, here is an article I wrote last month on what to expect when expecting your CIMA objective test results. 

As a general rule, from my experience, you receive a provisional “Pass” or “Fail” as soon as you have completed the objective test in the exam centre. Then, up to 3-4 working days later, you will receive an email stating you can login to your MyCIMA account and find the out the scaled score (out of 150).

So students should ensure they have set up their email contact correctly in CIMA so you receive the email! If not, you can always login and check you CIMA account to see if it’s been updated with your exam score and feedback.

The CIMA Student Website

This week I be looking at the difference between a Bonus Issue and Rights Issue of shares when a company is looking for long term finance via the equity markets. I’ve also had contact with a couple of CGMA members who recently passed their CIMA exams, so I will be looking to get an article up on their advice and tips for other CIMA students.

If you have any requests on CIMA topics you’d like to see on the site then please get in touch via the usual outlets.

Good Luck! (especially to the OCS students who sit their case study exam next week!)

Analysing CIMA Exam Results

Reflection can be just as important as preparation when it comes to passing CIMA exams – whether it’s an objective test or a case study, analysing where you went wrong and how to correct it for future sittings is invaluable.

CIMA Exam Results – Case Study Exams

Next up are the case study exams which have a familiar feel to them as you have to wait 6-8 weeks before you receive your result. A reminder of the old 2010 syllabus!

But once you receive your results you should analyse the feedback as it’s a useful tool to learn from – even if you have passed the exam – it’s still valuable to see what areas you excelled in (Strong) or areas you just passed (Moderate).

CIMA Case Study Results Example

Here is what to expect when checking your case study results.


  • There are five areas that are marked in the case study exams and all areas need to be marked as Moderate or higher.
  • You can see above the Technical Skills element (which makes up the bulk of the exam) has been marked as Moderate but still gives you a reminder that you can improve in certain areas.
  • I would suggest to review the performance feedback even if you have passed the exam – as it acts as a reminder that areas can still be improved on (unless you aced the whole exam!). 

The below video from CIMA is a good watch and explains how the case study results work.

Finally, I would recommend visiting the following link here – which is the Exam Information homepage on the CIMA connect website and gives you tons of useful links and explanations on the whole examination process.

If you have any advice or tips please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Happy Studying and Good Luck!!

Astranti Case Study Course with Pass Guarantee

If you have failed a CIMA case study exam then you should consider the full Astranti case study courses that come with a PASS GUARANTEE.

You can find full details on the OCS, MCS or SCS  Feb 2023 courses below:

Astranti Case Study Course Contents:

  • OCS/MCS/SCS study text (part 1 and 2)
  • Pre-seen analysis (video and text)
  • Strategic analysis (video and text)
  • Top 10 issues (video and text)
  • Industry analysis (video and text)
  • 2 x online master classes – each class is a full day revision (recorded and live)
  • 3 x online mock exams – answered with detailed tutor feedback
  • Ethics pack
  • Personal advice and guidance

CIMA Exam Results – Objective Tests

One of the advantages of the new CIMA objective tests is the fact you get a “Pass” or a “Fail” grade as soon you finish the computer based exam. Then, 48 hours later you will receive an email confirmation that you can find the full breakdown of how you measured up against each area of the syllabus.

However, it’s important to realise that you will see the scaled score (from 0 – 150) and not a percentage mark. Which I think is a bit strange as CIMA tell you need 70% to pass the Objective tests but yet you don’t get to see the % score out of 100.

Nevertheless, the scaled score is still a useful indicator on how you fared in the exam. I believe that a scaled score over 100 equates to a pass mark although you also need to be proficient in each area of the syllabus too.

CIMA Objective Test Results Example

Below is an example of what you will see when logging in to your CIMA account to view your results.


  • You can see that the “Not Proficient” comment was applied to the Financial Reporting area of the exam.
  • Moreover, CIMA provide you with specific areas of the syllabus which you need to focus based on your answers in exam day.
  • This a key piece of information and should be used as a focus for your revision on the resit.

For further information on how the CIMA Objective Tests are marked and what to expect you should watch the video below.