The Week Ahead – 2nd May 2016


Time flies! As we are at the beginning of May and this time also coincidences with the beginning of the next round of CIMA case study exams.

Another week has also slipped by for me personally in regards to my F2 revision and I’ve rescheduled the exam for next month as given my other commitments this month it was unrealistic thinking that I would be in a position to pass the retake this month.

Here is what is coming up this week on the site and CIMA in general.


I’ve had quite a few search terms on the site recently where students are asking when they will receive their objective test results. With this in mind, here is an article I wrote last month on what to expect when expecting your CIMA objective test results. 

As a general rule, from my experience, you receive a provisional “Pass” or “Fail” as soon as you have completed the objective test in the exam centre. Then, up to 3-4 working days later, you will receive an email stating you can login to your MyCIMA account and find the out the scaled score (out of 150).

So students should ensure they have set up their email contact correctly in CIMA so you receive the email! If not, you can always login and check you CIMA account to see if it’s been updated with your exam score and feedback.

The CIMA Student Website

This week I be looking at the difference between a Bonus Issue and Rights Issue of shares when a company is looking for long term finance via the equity markets. I’ve also had contact with a couple of CGMA members who recently passed their CIMA exams, so I will be looking to get an article up on their advice and tips for other CIMA students.

If you have any requests on CIMA topics you’d like to see on the site then please get in touch via the usual outlets.

Good Luck! (especially to the OCS students who sit their case study exam next week!)

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