CIMA Feb 16 OCS: First Class Bakery

Well, it’s been a week since the pre-seen material for the Feb 2016 OCS was released and the good people at Astranti have released some preview videos to get people thinking.

Their YouTube channel is full of videos ranging from;

  • Likely Top 10 Issues
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Pre-Seen Material Analysis

See the video below for over 30 minutes insight on First Class Bakery. It will give you an excellent insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the company and highlighted key information in the pre-seen material.

The Top 10 Issues video highlights what the tutor believes could come up in the case study. I found it offered me a great deal of focus when preparing for exam day.

CIMA Feb 2016: OCS Pre-Seen Analysis

CIMA Feb 2016: OCS Top 10 Issues


Here is the link for the full Astranti OCS Course – the full Operational Case Study package offers ALL of the Astranti videos, three mock exams with marking and feedback AND the OCS masterclass sessions. Astranti also offer a PASS guarantee with this package.

Read how I passed the November 2015 OCS first time with a score of 102 here.


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