The Week Ahead – 4th January 2016


CIMA 2016 Study Plan

A new year brings new hope – but it also brings new challenges and none more so when planning your CIMA studies for the year ahead.
You may be in the middle of a new year detox but take this opportunity to plan your studies. I have gathered a few useful links below that will set you on your way.

You might also want to check out my F2 Advanced Financial Reporting 10 week study plan.

Strategic Level CIMAconnect Study Resources

Management Level CIMAconnect Study Resources 

Operational Level CIMAconnect Study Resources

Feb 2016 Case Studies

The pre-seen material for the SCS is released by CIMA this week, so strategic level students who are preparing for the February case study can get started on their exam preparation.

Meanwhile, the OCS and MCS students should have a made a start in their work for the February exams as their pre-seen was released a week or two ago.

You can find my advice on the OCS First Class Bakery here and the resources for the MCS will be posted later this week.

The CIMA Student website

This week there will be two articles going live on the site this week;

“What’s the difference between CIMA and ACCA?”, while I also look at the P1 subject of budgets and specifically “Beyond Budgeting”

Also, a new feature for 2016 will be the monthly interviews with CIMA students, staff and qualified accountants. So please get in touch if you want to share your experiences and advice.

And finally, don’t forget to pay your annual CIMA subscriptions if you haven’t already, otherwise you won’t be able to register for any exams!

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